Archistar Design is a subsidiary of ExportUSA New York Corporation, a company that specializes in helping Italian companies enter the US market, including assistance with logistics. Over the years, ExportUSA has gained significant experience in the interior design industry and has developed a network of furniture manufacturers and distributors across Italy and Europe. 
Thanks to our privileged position, we are able to select the best brands and products to import to the United States. Traditional importers of designer products from Europe to the United States have high logistics and handling costs. We believe that the price of furniture should reflect the quality of the design, materials and production, not the fee of middlemen. So we have drawn on ExportUSA's experience to develop a business strategy centered around our clients and their needs. That is why when we receive an order from an American customer, we have the item made in Europe and then ship it directly to their footstep in the United States. 

Through to our unique approach we are able to offer prices that are significantly lower than those of any of our American competitors. Whenever you order an item from Archistar Design you can rest assured that you will be receiving superior quality products. That is why we rely on our White Glove delivery service partners to ensure that our clients always receive their order in perfect conditions. 

Archistar Design's philosophy is simple. Everyone should be able to enjoy superior quality, beautiful and durable furniture. That is why we want to give our customers access to the best Italian and European designer furniture at the lowest possible price. 

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