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Piumotto Bed - Design B. Studio - Marco Boga - Cinova

Piumotto Bed, design by Marco Boga for CinovaWith the Piumotto Bed Italian ...
Info/Order $3,146.00

Beta Sofa - design Mauro Lipparini - Zanotta

Sofa Beta designed by Mauro Lipparini for Zanotta.   The Beta sofa has a ...
Info/Order On sale

Lio - Stool - design Roberto Barbieri - Zanotta

Lio stool, design by Roberto Barbieri for Zanotta This stool can add a touch of ...

Alfa Modular Sofa - design Emaf Progetti for Zanotta

Alfa sofa, design by Emaf Progetti for Zanotta The Alfa sofa has a steel frame ...

Cleopatra Chaise Longue - Design Geoffrey Harcourt - Artifort

Cleopatra chaise longue, design by Geoffrey Harcourt ...
Info/Order $5,016.00

Spinnaker chaise longue- design Enrico Cesana

Spinnaker, design by Enrico Cesana for Busnelli  Unusual and playful, the ...
Info/Order $1,413.00

Adhoc - design Bruno Fattorini and partners- Zanotta

Adhoc storage unit design Bruno Fattorini and partners for Zanotta is made with ...

Susanna armchair- design Gabriele Mucchi - Zanotta

Susanna armchair, design Gabriele Mucchi for Zanotta Simple, smart, ...

Kilt Sofa - design Emaf Progetti - Zanotta

Kilt sofa, design by Emaf Progetti for Zanotta This couch has a monobloc ...
Info/Order On sale

Otto Chair - design For Use - Zanotta

Otto stool, design by For Use for Zanotta For Use designed this original ...

Kilt 84 Modular Sofa - design Emaf Progetti - Zanotta

Kilt sofa, design by Emaf Progetti for Zanotta    The Kilt sofa is ...

VP 1 - Carpet - Design Verner Panton - Designer Carpets

VP1 carpet design by Verner Panton, Designer Carpets This 1978 rug is ...
Info/Order $1,932.00

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